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What is your bright idea?

Plug in to your POTENTIAL

You can't turn on a lamp if it isn't plugged in. It needs a power source. Owning a business works the same way. You may have the brightest idea in history, but without a plan, it will not shine.


A business plan will help you answer these questions and more:


  • What am I selling?

  • What do I need to make it?

  • Who wants to buy it?

  • How do I reach these people?

  • Did someone else reach them first?

  • How much will they pay?

  • When can I get started?


Video: Intro to Entrepreneurship

Don't get SHOCKED

We use electricity every day, but sometimes we forget how dangerous it can be. That is why you should always be careful so you don't get shocked.


A lot of people who take this course receive healthcare benefits and checks from the government each month. If you make too much money in a month (hooray!), you may receive a smaller check or no check at all. The good news is that you can get help to protect your benefits! People like your VR Counselor and Artfully Gifted Mentors can help. 


Some of your options include:

  • Creating a PASS plan

  • Opening an ABLE account

  • Putting your money back into your business


We won't worry about all these details right away. After completing the START phase, we will start going over which option is best for you.

Stay Connected to the Grid

As we go through this website, you will be provided with activities that will help you complete your business plan. So before we begin, let's make sure we know how to save your work and access it anywhere!

Step 1: Create a Google Account

Step 2: Create a Business Planning Folder in Google Drive

Step 3: Share this Folder with your Business Mentor

After you have completed step 3, you will have to get in the habit of saving every assignment you make in your Google Drive. If you don't, you are very likely to lose it!

Stay Connected on Facebook 

As you go through the curriculum, you can use our Facebook page to share your ideas, questions, and potential concerns. 

  • Steps:

    1. Like and follow our Facebook page 

    2. Join Facebook group 

    3. Stay Connected 

  • Facebook

Video: Ideas are Everywhere

Activity: Ideas are Everywhere

Video: Opportunity Recognition

It's not about ideas.

It's about making ideas HAPPEN.

End of Unit 1

There is nothing little about the light you shine. Now let's use that light to illuminate the path ahead...

Let's make something that sells.

Pinterest Board: The Bright Idea

Knowledge is the spark that lights the way ahead.

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